2017 Must See Landmarks In Fairfield CT

Your weekend doesn’t have to be boring anymore. If you are a visitor or a local thinking or where to take your guests this weekend, there are lots of places you can actually visit and be part of the history of this great city. Here is a look at the top landmarks in Fairfield CT that you should consider going to on a weekend.
Fairfield Museum & History Center
You can make your weekend more fun by visiting Fairfield Museum & History Center. This is a museum with a vision to use history to strengthen the community and shape its future. The people that run the museum believe that history is a powerful platform for examining and understanding the responsibilities and civic values of the society. This museum and history center is considered successful since the number of people who stream in grows each day, this is why you must visit this landmark and be part of the complex stories from multiple points of view.
Bellarmine Museum of Art
This is the other landmark that makes the locals of Fairfield be proud to be part of the society. The Bellarmine Museum of Art is found right at the center of Fairfield University and is considered the fruit of many years of labor. The mission statement of the museum is what makes it have a clear objective. Since this is an essential component of Fairfield University, it has everything you will expect in a museum plus more. This also happens to be one of the few museums in the area that cultivates, inspires and enriches the many audiences.
Sasko Beach
There are plenty of reasons why Sasko Beach has to be a landmark but the main one has to be due to the fact that the place attracts visitors from around the world. When you hit the airport, make sure you take a trip down to Sasko. Although this beach doesn’t offer a fancy pavilion like most do, it is surely a quiet, calm and beautiful place you should visit. It is lovely in the evenings and looks perfect too in the mornings. This is simply a beautiful landmark you should never miss.
This is a campus of nothing but unique athletic and recreational facilities known all around Fairfield. It is also a place that delivers the most comprehensive sports and fitness experience in the entire Fairfield. One thing that makes this campus unique is because it is an eating establishment that’s right in the heart of downtown Fairfield. So if you are bored this weekend, make sure you check out this landmark.
The Adventure Park
You may not be the adventure type of a person but you will surely enjoy visiting this landmark. What makes this park a landmark and a place so popular across Connecticut is the 5 acres of aerial trails. This is the park that can accommodate all family members and still leave you with memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. So if you don’t have a place to visit this weekend, make sure you got to the Adventure Park.