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Medical marijuana cards are used by patients in order to enter dispensaries and make purchases to help treat whatever symptom they are experiencing. These cards are also referred to as MMID or cannabis cards. Getting a medical marijuana card in Fairfield CT requires that a patient receive a recommendation from a licensed physician before the state will issue them a card.

If the doctor finds that the patient is suffering from a state-approved condition and would benefit from the use of medical marijuana, the doctor will issue a signed recommendation to provide to the state. The patient then applies through the state and pays a fee in order to obtain their medical marijuana card. The doctors at iMed Chiropractic are approved by the state of Connecticut to perform the necessary certification exam and submit the paperwork to the state.

Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card in Fairfield CT

With more and more states fully legalizing cannabis use for adults, you may be wondering if a medical marijuana card is necessary. One of the main benefits for someone in a state where marijuana is legal is that it can be purchased at a lower cost from a state medical dispensary. This is extremely important for patients relying on cannabis to manage a medical issue.

The dosage is also a critical part of using marijuana for the treatment of symptoms and these patients often need access to high-strength cannabis. Recreational shops have to abide by lower limits while medical dispensaries are allowed to provide products at a much higher threshold.

Another factor to consider is the age limit. Recreational marijuana shops are only permitted to sell to someone over the age of 21 while patients under the age of 21 can obtain medical cannabis at a medical dispensary with the assistance of a caregiver.

Not every state that allows medical marijuana allows patients to grow their own plants, but many do. Individuals with a medical marijuana card can often grow more plants than those doing it for recreational purposes.

As the number of states that allow recreational marijuana use grows it is important that those with medical needs be able to maintain their ability to access cannabis as medicine. Medical marijuana cards will continue to play a role in protecting patient’s rights no matter how legislation changes over time.

If you are looking for a medical marijuana card clinic in Fairfield CT, our doctors at iMed Chiropractic would be happy to help you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (203) 333-7788.


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