Fairfield CT - Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

History and Education

Fairfield, CT has a rich history behind it. There are certainly plenty of landmarks and attractions that people might want to see. People might want to learn more about the area by going to the Fairfield Museum and History Center. People can learn about the prominent role that Fairfield had during the American Revolution, which is by no means common knowledge to a lot of people today.

The Fairfield University Art Museum is a great choice for the people who can't get enough of local art and art in general. This is the sort of thing that will give people a great introduction to some of the art history of the area as well, connecting it with the story of Fairfield in general. The Walsh Art Gallery is another great choice for the people who have a lot of similar interests. This art gallery is going to feature more local and recent artists, and some people might prefer that.

Of course, some people might just want to relax when they go to Fairfield, CT, and there are plenty of opportunities for that as well. Jennings Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, especially at certain points during the year. There aren't a lot of great beaches in the New England area in general, so a lot of people will appreciate Jennings Beach even more strongly as a result.

There's also the fact that Connecticut is landlocked for the most part. People are not going to be able to get to beautiful beaches in the area as often as they would like. Jennings Beach provides a lovely alternative for them. Sasko Beach is another great choice for the people who can't get enough of gorgeous beaches, especially if they are interested in really seeing everything that Fairfield, CT has to offer.

For the people who really love a lot of other outdoor activities, the Lake Mohegan Recreation Area has a great deal to offer. There are plenty of challenging and leisurely hiking trails that plenty of people will like. They can bring their dogs there as well, giving the entire family a nice day outside. The Lake Mohegan Recreation Area is very gorgeous visually, giving people a view of the natural beauty of the area in general.


People who love to go to little shops might be interested in theFairfield Cheese Company. It sells a lot of delicious food that people might want to try, and it has more of a local flavor than many of the other shops in the area. Fairfield, CT is generally not known for its food, but people might appreciate a visit to the Fairfield Cheese Company.

People obviously won't be able to do all of their eating for a day at the Fairfield Cheese Company, and there are plenty of smaller and more local restaurants that they might enjoy. However, it's still a good idea for people to visit the Fairfield Cheese Company and some of the surrounding areas.