The Best Parks and Museums Located In Fairfield CT

Stepping stone museum.

This museum named as a place for children is a place which creates an inspiring environment for learning of the children. The museum offers educational and engaging exhibits featuring both outdoor and indoor experiences which give educators, families and children twice as much space to grow, learn and discover. Stepping stone has an Energy Lab which entails hands-on exhibits for teaching how the wind, fossil burning fuels, water force and the sun produce energy. Tot Town has now become an imaginative world which has shrunk down close to toddler level. The museum also has ‘our build it’ exhibit which gives children the chance to explore construction and architectural design. Tools for practicing on wall finishing, rollers and brushes for painting, carpet applying and many more are also available. After the visit to the museum, youngsters get a different view of the world.


Bruce museum.

Bruce museum is a museum drive located in Greenwich and it was started in 2016. The museum has expanded programs of learning for both kids between the age of 10 and 4 and families. The programs are drop-in as you are not required to register and they include Sundays of science learning, where parents and kids have the chance of exploring simple concepts of science through activities and experiments. Adventures in art provide supplies and creative spark for craft and art projects which the museum’s exhibitions inspire. Programs last from 1pm to 3pm and also form part of admission fee. Bruce Moose Packs are as well available for families wanting to explore galleries of the Museum for much fun.


Connecticut Audubon Center.

Audubon center a hawks, bees and wild things sights is situated at Riversile Road. It offers outdoor and indoor fun and attractions by experts in wildlife and nature. The center is a sanctuary about 295 acre with trails going for miles next to fields, homestead buildings, hardwood forest, stone walls, ponds and streams and a lake. Other things offered are gallery of nature art at Kiernan Hall together with wildlife window of viewing and an exhibit of bee hive honey and lastly a store for nature gifts.


Fairfield History Center and Museum.

It gives you a chance of exploring the community’s all the way from world war ages to the current life. Fairfield museum shows off exhibition galleries, museum shop, a theater which overlooks Town Green, and an education center for family. The exhibits have looked into traditional crafts, American baseball and golf, stories behind each object seeing every day, Connecticut witchcraft and the tribe of Pequot. The museum also has Ogden House build in 1750 which has a period of colonialism garden with a project of keeping bees.

Maritime Aquarium.

Maritime Aquarium is situated in Norwalk and is recognized nationally as an aquarium which focuses on marine life only in Long Sound Island. The aquarium explores conservation issues and related animals around the world with its exhibits showing off 1200 and more of marine animals from 259 different species. The Island is fascinating together with its watershed which includes curious seals, jellyfish, river otters, sharks, sea turtles among other water animals. It also offers programs that are educating including public study of getting cruises out, special exhibits changing. Also features largest IMAX Theater for movies in Connecticut with a very large screen. The attraction is a non-profit making center which offers a centerpiece for south Norwalk with fun restaurants, nightclubs and shops. For more in Fairfield CT